Our Story

Growing up as kids, we primarily played sports which kept us and our parents busy year round.  When I turned 11, I started taking what little free time I had and dedicating it to video games. I spent every free moment inside, glued to that screen, quickly turning myself into a shy introvert that lasted for most of my teenage years.  The thought of hunting, hiking, and camping never crossed our family’s mind.  When I asked my mom why we didn’t ever do any of those things, her answer was “I didn’t know where to start.”  I want to change that and let Mission Outside be one of the answers as a great starting point for this generation and ones to come.

Fast forward to my early 20s, one of my best friends, Brandon, loaned me a gun, gear and dragged me out for my first duck hunt.  It was one of those life changing moments.  While the seed was planted, I wasn’t able to take it to the next level because we lived 10hrs away, and I had no connections in NC.  At 27, another buddy, Will Newton, who had begged me for 2 years to go to his “honey hole,” convinced me to get up early to hunt my first deer.  During that life changing morning, I shot and cleaned my first deer, and the seed Brandon planted began to bloom.

Little did I know at the time, Will would pass away the following month.  While he may be gone, his passion for hunting was passed on to me the day of November 10th.  He changed the course of my life so much so, that my wife and I decided to use William for part of our son’s name.

Since that time, I’ve spent most free moments and some not so free moments (as my wife can attest to) either in the woods or thinking about being in them.  Over the past few years, I’ve often thought of how I could give back to the outdoors, impact more lives, and pass on this unbelievable lifestyle and friendships made in the outdoors to others.  When we had our daughter, my wife and I have always made it a priority to get her outside as much as possible.  Watching her enjoy the outdoors, nature, and all the critters running around over the past 2 years has really been the trigger that connected the dots for me on what do next.  From those thoughts and experiences, Mission Outside was born.

Mission Outside is an organization focused on getting kids outside, through camps that introduce them to hunting, fishing, and conservation.  We are particularly focused on kids who would not otherwise be introduced to this lifestyle.  

We will fund these camps by 4 ways - 1. Selling Products with a Purpose (our lifestyle clothing brand) 2. Outdoor Sponsors & Partners 3.  Donations  4. My wife and I

We look forward to serving you, your kids, and our community.

This organization is for the Next Generation of Outdoorsman

Aaron Towns





I have a wife of 4 years, 1, two year old daughter, 4 month old son, and 3 dogs.

Thanks for your interest.