You need a strong "Why" to do anything

While working towards a planned go live date for our website, I have felt many different emotions: doubt, frustration, excitement, and sense of purpose, among other things.  While I am surprised how easy it is to create a website, I'm equally as surprised by the amount of frustrations I've had building it.  

Attention to every little detail has to be accounted for.  This is not something I'm remotely strong at, which is probably why I'm in sales for a living and not operations!  Just yesterday, I caught yet another mistake to add to the list.  The prelaunch discount code was listed as $15, not 15% off.  That would be a losing proposition on every single order.  A mistake I'm glad I didn't learn the hard way!

These types of mistakes allow doubt to creep in.  Doubt can open the door for the thought of quitting.  I chose to counter doubt back with positive thoughts and the overwhelming notion that the next generation of outdoorsman are depending on me.  While I know that is a far stretch, it certainly locked the door on Dr. Quit, before he got a chance to open it.

Luckily, at the end of the day, my "why" for Mission Outside is stronger and I push through.  I hope you all find something that you are passionate about.  This is the foundation anything can be built off of.  For me, my passion is the outdoors and my purpose is helping others.  I've thought on many ideas over the years until my "how" finally developed.  It's been an interesting journey thus far.  If you are considering starting a business, I would say, if it starts with a passion and you have a strong "why," go for it.  At the end of the day, it's better to swing the bat and go 0 for 1, then 0 for 0.

If any of you ever want to discuss, learn from my mistakes I'm making every day, I'd be happy to share.