What Legacy are you Leaving Behind?

Today, marks the 5 year anniversary since our friend Alan "Will" Newton passed away.  This day usually is marked with deep sadness felt by myself and many others.  Today, however, feels a little bit different to me.  

As I sat on the couch looking at our son this morning, I couldn't help but feel uplifted.  Perhaps, it is the necklace with Ryder William Towns on it from which his Godmother, Will's sister, pulled the letters from Will's journal to have this made.  

I then wonder if it's the momentum I feel building with Mission Outside.  As we turn the page  on 2017, we have a lot of great milestones coming in 2018.  The year where MO's impact will hopefully begin to be felt in the community.  A couple include, our 1st turkey hunt giveaway for a kid 17 and under, which will be announced in January. (sign up here: www.missionoutside.com - Followed by the turkey hunt and our first Mission Outside Kids' Camp this spring.

Maybe, it's just the realization of his legacy left on my family and the memories made since his death, that wouldn't have happened without his impact.  From my 1st hunt with my 2 year old daughter...you can watch here: https://youtu.be/4K2p0ZzUFnY to my wife joining me on the mountain for an Ibex in Spain,  

or to my daughter spending 2 hours with me while I skin and butcher a buck. 

For these memories, I'm forever indebted. 

As I reflect, I believe we should all probably ask ourselves "What impact or legacy am I leaving behind?"  For many, they probably have an immediate and succinct answer.  For others, we may struggle to find that answer.  I was there for many years.  However, I found my answer this year, with Mission Outside.  

If you are still searching for that answer, I'll pass this bit of advice that I took from Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee) December of last year.  Take a look at the thing(s) you are most passionate about and/or what you are great at.  This will be a great starting point to find your answer.  Whether you are 25 or 60, you still have time to leave that impact.  People are living longer lives, With today's science, 60 is more like 40 from just a decade or two ago.  2018 is the year for new beginnings.  Let 2018 be the year you start to leave your legacy!

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