Birth of Son, his Name, and Mission Outside launch

As I write this tonight, I'm happy to say my wife and I have welcomed our second child into our family.  Thankfully, both mom and son are doing very well.  

We kept his name from most during the pregnancy, but we knew the name, Ryder William, was perfect for him.  We decided to name him after my buddy Alan William Newton, or Will, as all his friends knew him as.  Will was the person who changed the course of my life, when he introduced me to my first whitetail hunt behind his grandparents house.  It was there, on that hunt, where I shot and cleaned my first deer.  Like meeting my wife, having Charleston, and now Ryder, that morning was truly a life changing moment.  

While that moment was a great high in my life, it followed quickly with a sharp low.  Our friend, Will, passed away just over a month later.  While he left us that December day, his passion for hunting seemingly lives on with me.  Since that unforutante moment, we have become very close to his entire family.  They are our family now.  I know we can't ever replace their only son, but we can honor the significance he has played on our lives with our son and Mission Outside.

With Ryder's birth today, I thought it is fitting to launch Mission Outside.  He is the Next Generation of Outdoorsman this company is built for.  Thankfully, due to his namesake, he will be introduced to the outdoors, but many others like him will not.  With this organization, we hope to change that for as many others as we can.

I believe if this organization benefits one boy or girl, I will consider it a success.  However, I know with Will's passion for serving others and hunting instilled in me, we will impact much more than one.

Shop, browse, please leave feedback, and impact others!

Mission Outside

For the Next Generation of Outdoorsman!